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Hollis Family History

Hollis the surname has decended from many different variations through time such as Hollis, Holly, Hollys, Hollas, Holliss,
Hollins and there are probably a few more. Hollis is a common name around the world and my Hollis connection is my mothers maiden name. I have been researching this side for a while now and i have hit a brick wall like probably many of you out there. My grandad was Ernest William Hollis and was one of six children to Alexander Hollis and Lily Lewis who lived in Shorditch London. Alexanders dad was John William Hollis and he was a french polisher in London and from the 1901 census and his marriage certificate, he married an Agnes Paterson and they had four children. Arthur Hollis was the eldest child born in 1890, Alexander 1892, Ernest born 1895 and a daughter Ettie born in 1899.

Hollis Family
1901 Census

Mistakes on the 1901 Census can happen.

Since researching many people on different census i have come accross many mistakes and incorrect spellings. Use the census's as a guidence with your research and try to back it up with certificates and other sources. One example is above when i was searching for the Hollis family on any of the census's. I only found them on the 1901 census in London as above. When i first looked at it on it threw me right off because of the mistakes. John WM Hollis was the head which was right and his wife was 'Cifness' which is Agnes, but the writing was so hard to make out i can see why the transcriber struggled.. The children were Arthur and Alexander (which was correct) and Ernest spelt as 'Earnest' and Ettie was 'Haitie' and on another site 'caitie'.

Good Tip when Reading a Census is when you can't make out a letter try to look at how the letters are formed in other names and words. The main letters that i have come accross that are common to mis lead us are -

Hand Writing
Letter G
Letter i

Letter s

letter t


I was always told by my family that Agnes Paterson came from Troon in Scotland. So when i started my research for her i looked on But had no results so because i found her on the 1901 census in London i kept to the London and surrounding areas. But again had no success in finding a death entry or anything on her. It was only until after a few months i came back to looking for her and had another go on scotlands people and found some interesting answers.
The story that our family had been told was Agnes and John went back to live in Scotland after having four children and they were so poor that John came back down to London. He then sent for his two eldest children Arthur and Alexander to join him which they did and all of them never had enough money to re unite with Agnes and the family back in Scotland.

My Results -
I found a marriage entry in Troon Ayrshire for an Agnes Hollis nee Paterson who was a widower to John William Hollis and marrying Alexander Ferguson in 1902.. I have got the death entry for John and he died in 1941 the same year Agnes died. So Agnes possibly was commiting bigamy. I next found that seven years later Agnes re- married again to her last husband John Devlin in 1907 who was a fish monger and they lived in Glasgow till Agnes died in 1941. I still douted myself with my results and needed to confirm that i had the right Agnes and my next result did just that.
I found a marriage entry in 1919 for Agnes and John's son Ernest Hollis and an Elizabeth Noble and his parents were John William Hollis (deceased) occupation -french polisher and Agnes Devlin widower of John Hollis, Alexander Ferguson nee Paterson.
John William Hollis lived in London all his life far as i have found. I have his marriage certificate and death ceretificate but i have not had any luck in finding his birth entry. All i know from the 1901 census is that he was born Middlesex London in 1866. If any one out there recognises any of this information i'd be so grateful if you got in touch.

Results From This Website

It's been over a century since Agnes and John were married in 1889 and had their children who sadly were seperated by the break up of their marriage around 1902. All four children went on to live their lives and three of those went on to have children of their own. Agnes went on and had a child to each other marriage and Now Generations later i finally found the descendents of my grate grandfathers brother Ernest Hollis.
Im going to continue my research into our Hollis family.


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